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This is an in-depth Vidnami Review (formerly known as Content Samurai).

After using Vidnami for several months now, in this review I’ll walk you through every aspect of this tool including all the pros and cons so that you make a better well-informed decision.

It needs no evidence of how powerful videos are in the current phase of the business scenarios.

Over time people’s preferences have drastically shifted towards video content consumption.

One of the major reasons behind this consumer behavior shift is the declining attention span of a human being.

An average human’s attention span has shrunk to less than 7 seconds over the past decade.

And we humans are constantly craving for short-form (video), engaging, and easy to digest content that can be consumed instantly.

Now you may get an idea of why TikTok and Instagram Reels have become a huge success so fast. 

Videos are the next big thing. Period.

According to a report from Cisco, by 2021, over 82% of ALL web traffic will come from video.

Every company, no matter how small or big, is focusing its major efforts in producing high-quality video content on a daily basis.

People love videos and businesses have realized this fact.

But creating quality video content is super expensive and time-consuming.

And if you’re getting into this video marketing game, you need to buy an expensive camera, hire a professional videographer, purchase a video editing software, shoot for hours, and a costly computer to render your edited videos.

So, You Can Expect The Following Information In This Vidnami Review

That’s a lot of work.

And this is what the founders of Vidnami think too.

Maybe that’s why these guys created a simple yet effective solution, Vidnami (formerly Content Samurai)

Vidnami (Content Samurai) is designed for small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, influencers, agencies, video marketers, and everyone who’s on a shoestring budget.  

This Vidnami Review will help;

  • Someone looking for an affordable yet reliable video creation platform
  • A non-professional video editor looking for a simple solution
  • Create a professional-looking video in a few minutes
  • Video marketer or a video marketing agency
  • Ecommerce store owner to create product videos
  • Digital advertisers for creating a sales video

Now let’s move forward in this Vidnami review and find out what all has changed or upgraded, since their rebranding from Content Samurai.

But first, let’s quickly answer what Vidnami is all about.

What is Vidnami?

Vidnami (formerly known as Content Samurai) is a versatile, intuitive, easy-to-use, yet affordable video creation platform that helps create professional-quality videos in a few clicks.

And by few clicks, I mean literally just four clicks.

Vidnami is a point and clicks video maker that requires no prior experience.

Vidnami uses artificial intelligence to match the video script with relatable video clips and images.

You can create a high-quality video for your business in just four clicks without even facing a camera ever.

Four easy video creation steps include;

#Step 1: Choosing a video template/style 

#Step 2: Writing or copy-pasting video script

#Step 3: Editing scenes including video clips and images

#Step 4: Adding voice-over by selecting pre-recorded voices or recording your own

Lastly, you can preview your finished video and download it.

So basically using Vidnami you can;

  • Create Viral Influencer Videos with automatic captions and professional stock footage in minutes!
  • Quickly transform your old blog posts into a traffic generating videos that are perfect for social media.
  • Create attention-grabbing Facebook Ads with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Produce high-converting Video Sales Letters to transform more visitors into paying customers.
  • AND create stunning videos for your online courses faster than ever before!

Also, when you sign-up to Vidnami, you get access to their free step-by-step training videos, help center, and a Facebook community of over 7000 video creators.

What type of videos can you create with Vidnami?

With Vidnami, you can create videos for almost any niche, profession, and purpose. Some of the video types you can create are;

  • Viral Videos
  • Social Share Videos
  • Sales Page Videos
  • Course Videos
  • Thank You Page Videos
  • Youtube Trailer Videos
  • Youtube Review Videos
  • Content Videos
  • Welcome Videos
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Product Review Videos
  • Portfolio Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Influential Videos
  • Informational videos

Not to forget, for a limited time, Vidnami is offering

A Free 14-Day Trial

A whopping 25% Discount for Life.

Vidnami vs Content Samurai

Before moving to the next segment of the review, I want to clear this major doubt that is building up recently, specially after the rebranding of Vidnami.

Vidnami was earlier known as ‘Content Samurai’.

People who are using this tool from the time it was launched in 2015, are familiar with the name Content Samurai. 

But recently the creators of Vidnami (Content Samurai)  i.e. team noble samurai, rebranded their most popular video creator, Content Samurai to Vidnami, as the word Vidnami seems more modern, short, and easy-to-spell.

Vidnami is the same video creation tool backed up by the same team of professionals, just with a new name and additional functionalities.

If you want to know more about why the name Vidnami was chosen, you can refer to the company announcement here.

Now let’s head over to the features and benefits of Vidnami.

If You Are Interested, You Can Start 14-Day Free Trial For Vidnami Here

Vidnami Features & Benefits

1. Accurate Caption Generation

Whenever you enter a video script/text, Vidnami’s artificial intelligence automatically transcribes your clips and creates accurate captions that flow with the video.


The captions blend so well with the progressing video as if it was personally written for the video.

Not only this but Vidnami’s powerful AI, highlights and animates the primary keyword/main word in every sentence around which the discussion is happening.

Vidnami’s AI automatically Bolds Keywords, Adds Ken Burns Effect, Adds Transitions & Animations Text.

Here’s a short example;

“Do you know how easy it is to create professional videos?”

This feature takes a huge burden of preparing customized captions for each video and editing them separately according to the video.

2. Intelligent Video Clip Selection

Vidnami’s artificial intelligence again takes the charge and perfectly synchronizes the clips from the video according to the video text being displayed.


The AI reads the text entered in the video script box and automatically selects video clips from Vidnami’s huge library of video clips.

There is a video clip available for almost any keyword you can think of.

3. Endless Customizability

Vidnami gives you the freedom to edit and customize your video according to your liking.


Be it adding your own video shot on your iPhone or a candid picture from your backyard, Vidmani lets you add personalized media to your videos. 

You can easily add your logo, choose colors, select fonts, and insert your own clips/images/music to make your video unique.

It not only makes your videos stand out of the crowd but also makes your videos resonate with your brand which makes it look more professional.

4. Beginner’s Friendly Software

Vidnami is so simple to use that even a 10-year-old can edit videos on this platform.


It automatically combines your text, clips, voice track, and music in just a few clicks.

The main idea behind the creation of Vidnami is to design a reliable video editing software that is easy-to-use even for someone who knows very little about computers.

Now the thing you need to keep in mind is that Vidnami is in no way an alternative to professional video editing software like Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrator.

You cannot do high-end editing on Vidnami, but what you can do is just all the tweaks and edits that an everyday user usually requires.

On Vidnami you can create unlimited videos without any restrictions.

Vidnami is created for a light user who doesn’t know much about editing and is on a tight budget as well.

Hence it’s a perfect beginner’s friendly video editing tool.

5. Royalty-Free Video Clips, Images, and Music Tracks

When you create your account with Vidnami, you get free access to 790,000+ royalty-free story blocks, video clips, 125,000,000 high-quality images, and over 30,000 premium music tracks, 170+ stunning video templates, and 30+ popular fonts.


This is of the major benefits of using Vidnami as you get access to a huge library of updated media that you would otherwise have to pay for.

The media library is constantly updated with the latest images, video clips, and music tracks.

6. Text to Speech Voice Automation

Although you can choose a suitable audio/music track to compliment your video, Vidnami’s AI can also automate the video script into a professionally recorded voice over.

So you don’t need to hire a voice-over artist to read out the video script along with the screen captions. 

Vidnami handles that for you as well.

It currently offers 14 automatic texts to speech voices.

You can even choose between a male and a female voice for your video.

But sometimes these voiceovers seem a bit robotic with the default voice.

So it’s recommended you record your own voice for a more personalized experience.

7. Voice Recording

While creating a video with Vidnami you can even record your own voice for every video caption.


Vidnami shows you the video script line by line and you can record your voice in real-time.

This not only makes your video more personalized for your brand but also gives a human touch to the videos.

It makes videos more engaging, intuitive, and trustworthy.

8. Affordability

Vidnami is one of the few video editing platforms that are affordable to most people.

A video editing tool which usually costs a couple of thousand dollars annually is not a viable solution for many people on a tight budget.

On the other hand, Vidnami is available for only $47/month with all the pro features included and also comes with a free 14-day trial.

The best part, for a super limited time, Vidnami is offering a 25% discount for life.

This is what makes Vidnami the best affordable video editing platform in the market.

Now let me just walk you through a quick tutorial of Vidnami.

Vidnami Review – Complete Step By Step Vidnami Demo
Vidnami Step By Step Demo

Vidnami Tutorial

Creating high-end videos with Vidnami is as easy as doing a few clicks.

Let me show you how.

When you log in to your Vidnami account for the first time, you will see an empty dashboard like this.


To create your first video with Vidnami, Click on the ‘Create a new video’ button on the top right corner.


Step1: As soon as you click on ‘create a new video’ button, the very first thing you need to do is select a template for your video from a gallery of pre-designed 170+ stunning templates.

You can also choose a video format to be either in the landscape or in a square template.


Step 2: After choosing the perfect template for your video, it’s time to name your video and add your video script.

You can write or simply paste the script of your video.


From advanced options below, you can add or remove additional functionalities like automatic bold keywords, AI video clip selection, auto-select images, and more.


Once you’re done with advanced options, save them, and click on the button ‘create scenes’

Step 3: Vidnami will take a couple of seconds to match all of the video scripts with an appropriate video clip or image.

Depending on the length (lines) of your video script, scenes will be created accordingly. 

There is a scene created for every line of the script.

You can go through each scene slide and edit every scene according to your requirements.

The thing to mention here is Vidnami’s powerful AI does a pretty good job in creating scenes that blend perfectly with the video script.

In case you are not satisfied with any scene, you can anytime edit it separately, by choosing a new image or video file, uploading your own media, changing layouts and styles, adding or removing scenes, merging scenes, and more.

Once you’re done editing scenes, head over to the next step, by clicking ‘add voice track to your video’ button.

Step 4: Next step is adding a voice track to your video.

In Vidnami you can add a voice track in four different ways.


One way to add a voice track is with an auto-voice option which will synthesize a voice track for your video scenes based on the video script. 

And Vidnami’s AI will perfectly sync the voice track with the captions being displayed.

You can also add a voice track by recording your own voice by reading out your script in bit-size chunks of each line.

Vidnami also enables you to upload pre-recorded voice tracks to use with your scenes.

Lastly, you can go for a no voice track option and Vidnami will just play the music track in the background.

Once you’re done adding voice tracks to your video, simply click the ‘preview your video’ button.

Step 5: Vidnami will build a preview of your video in a few seconds.


Once the preview is ready, you can do some last few edits like selecting different music tracks, upload your own music track file, manually adjust timing, add watermark, duration of each scene, and volume of the voice/music track.

And if you’re satisfied with your creation, just click ‘continue’ and Vidnami will take you to the download window.

Step 6: Click on the ‘generate your video’ button and Vidnami will create a downloadable file of your video in 720p resolution.

You can also change the resolution according to your needs.


That’s the end of the Vidnami tutorial.

By now you’ve seen how easy it is to create professional-quality videos with this video editing tool. 

You can create a high-quality, intuitive, and engaging video in a few minutes.

Visit The Official Website For Vidnami Here

Vidnami Demo Video

Go through this detailed Vidnami demo video in which the founder of Vidnami walks you through a step-by-step process to create an intuitive video.

In the coming section, I will talk about the pros and cons of Vidnami.

Vidnami Pros and Cons

Pros (What I love avout Vidnami) & Cons (What I Don’t Like About Vidnami)


  • Easy-to-use and beginner’s friendly
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Huge media library of royalty-free music, videos, and images
  • Auto-Intelligent Video Clip Selection
  • 14 Automatic Text to Speech Voices
  • Automatic Sync of Audio and Visuals
  • Full Motion Video Backgrounds
  • Clean & clutter-free user interface
  • 170+ Stunning Video Templates
  • Automatic backup to the cloud
  • Stellar backend support
  • Regular feature updates
  • No prior experience required


  • No substitute for professional software
  • Limited customizations
  • Some text to speech voices sound a bit robotic
  • Doesn’t always choose the best images/videos for your script (have to do it manually)

Get 14-Day Free Trial

Vidnami Pricing

Vidnamis’s pricing structure is pretty much straight forward and simple without any complicated plans.

Vidnami also offers a free 14-day trial for every new user.


For a monthly subscription, which is apparently their most popular plan, Vidnami can be accessed for $47 per month. 

And their best value plan turns out to be an annual subscription plan of $397 only.


Apart from a free 14-day trial, you can also grab a limited time 25% discount for Life on Vidnami subscription plan.

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Vidnami Special Discount Offer

Vidnami 25% Special Discount

Founders of Vidnami are offering a no-brainer deal for quite a limited time and it is very likely when you are checking out this post, this exclusive offer is already gone.

But you can surely check it out.

When you sign-up with this tool today, you get to enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on Vidnami’s monthly subscription for Life. 

Yes, you heard that right, it’s a 25% Discount for Life.

Instead of paying $47 per month like everyone else, right now you can lock in access to Vidnami for just $35/month. 

That’s a massive saving of $144 per year, for LIFE!

How often do you find such incredible offers?

Grab 25% Lifetime Discount

Is Vidnami an ideal choice for you?

Vidnami is not everyone. I mean if you’re a professional video editor looking for powerful software to edit videos to the level of cinema-grade, then Vidnami won’t help.

But this review post is not for high-level video creators and editors, anyways.

So who is Vidnami created for?

This video editing software is created for an everyday user who doesn’t know much about video editing or complicated tools and also for someone who is looking for an inexpensive solution for his/her video needs.

Vidnami is an ideal choice for a;

  • A small business owner on a tight budget.
  • An Internet marketer who wants to create more video content
  • An affiliate marketer who wants to sell products through review/tutorial videos
  • Niche marketer 
  • Email marketer
  • Social media marketer who wants to create viral videos
  • A content marketer who understands the importance of video content
  • Video sales letter marketer
  • YouTube channel owner who wants to earn some extra cash
  • The Facebook fan page owner
  • SEO expert trying to capture more traffic from Google and YouTube.
  • Digital marketing agency
  • Digital advertising expert who wants to create engaging Facebook/Instagram Ads

Vidnami Review – Major Alternatives For Vidnami

    Easy VSL 3.0
  • You have to download software & install EasyVSL on your computer. CS is in-browser
  • They both have text-to-speech and robot voiceovers
  • CS costs $35/mo or $297/year (if you get the discount) with no lifetime plan. EasyVSL costs $97  + $9.99/mo or $197/year with a way to get it for only $67. This cheaper plan is hidden but you can get it by visiting their site & getting retargeted on Facebook by the “special offer.”
  • EasyVSL only allows for horizontal videos. CS has square videos also.
  • The Verdict: If you can get the lifetime EasyVSL plan and only plan on creating VSL-style videos, it’s a no brainer. However, if you plan on using video on social media and ads, then EasyVSL will not be enough.
$67/One Time

Conclusion – Vidnami Review

This marks the end of my comprehensive Vidnami Review.

I hope this in-depth review helped you in finding out more about Vidnami as an easy-to-use video editing tool.

I have done my best to show you each and every feature, pros, and cons of this amazing video editing software.

Vidnami helps you create beautiful looking videos with auto-generated captions, video clips, images, and voice track, in just a few clicks.

It’s easy-to-use and requires no-prior video editing experience.

All you need to do is follow the on-screen steps and click next.

Vidnami is solely created for non-video editors.

The best part of what I love the most about Vidnami is the team of geniuses that back the tool.

Team noble samurai (creator of Vidnami) is a small but effective team of video software ninja’s that make sure Vidnami is updated regularly with all the latest features, tech, interface, media, and bug fixes.

Vidnami is constantly being maintained and updated in order to remain the best short video editing tool in the industry.

When you buy this software, you are not partnering with a team that works on a model of ‘build (sell) and forget’. 

In fact, the after-sales support (customer support) of Vidnami is so on-point that even a small query/problem gets resolved quickly.

Vidnami is a good video editing software that comes with a free 14-day trial.

You can test the waters in the trial period and figure out if Vidnami is the right choice for you.

Although you have nothing to lose here. If you didn’t like it, you can always cancel during the trial period.

Video consumption is on an all-time high and this upward trajectory is not going flat anytime soon.

Plus if any time was the best time to bet on videos, it is now.

Videos are one of the best ways to grow your brand/business online. 

It also converts better than any form of content.

Vidnami Special Deal

So go ahead and sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Vidnami and create your first professional-looking video.And if you like the tool (which I’m confident, you will) you can grab a whopping 25% discount on Vidnami for Life.

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Product Features and Flexibility


Price Competitiveness and Value For Money


Support and Training


Reliability, Customer Experience and Customer Service


Adaptability and Future Updates



  • Vidnami provides a decent and more instinctive interface & It provides customized videos according to your need.
  • Vidnami ensures easy conversion of the article into a video within a few clicks.
  • Vidnami Allows You To Create Videos Without Recording Your Own Voice Using Text To Speech Voice Over In Multiple Regional And International Languages
  • Vidnami Allows You To Integrate Media, Videos, Images, Music, Text Overlay, Animations, Transitions And Effects On Your Videos.
  • Vidnami is basically a web-based method where there is no need for any kind of installation. Vidnami Works On Both PC And MAC.


  • Vidnami Does Not Provide You A Lifetime Subscription Option And It Is Only Available On A Recurring Monthly Price.
  • Animated Videos And Explainer Videos Are Not Available With Vidnami.

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