Affiliate Resell Bots Review, Demo And Bonuses

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Affiliate Resell Bots Review:- What is it and why you should be excited about it

Affiliate Resell Bots is cloud-based 6-in-1 software suite which helps you start your own software selling online business. It is almost a Business in a box oppurtunity which can help you start your own Software Vendor Business.

Instant Software Store – which launches an instant website – collecting leads & selling software in under 60 seconds

Reseller Store Theme – my custom-built WordPress theme, that builds out complete digital product stores in seconds..

Six-Figure Resell Rights – to some of my top-selling software products that have generated over $300,000 in sales..

Traffic DB – a database of thousands of websites and traffic opportunities for the Internet marketing niche..

Resell Database software – pre-loaded with 1000s of extra software and other products that you can license in minutes..

 Rapid Video Creator – that auto-creates instant sales videos, for any product you want to sell, in seconds… 

It is also loaded with 9 Best Selling Reseller Software from JVZoo which has yielded more than $400K revenue from JVZoo.You can sale all these 9 Softwares as your own and keep 100% of the profits from selling this software.

You, Will, get these below 9 Softwares as your Own Software which you can Resell to keep 100% of the profits.

Affiliate Resell Bots Review:- How to set up the entire software funnel for Affiliate Resell Bots

Affiliate Resell Bots Review
Affiliate Resell Bots can be set up using these 5 Simple Steps
Launch Your Instant, Hosted Digital Store with 9x Products!

This software gives you a complete digital product store in seconds…

Pre-loaded with software tools that earned me over $300,000… With sales video, description, download page and orderbutton – all included. So there’s no product creation, no writing…
And absolutely no hard work whatsoever! All you need to do is activate the theme, enter your Paypal and autoresponder settings & start collecting the leads and profits!
Launch Your “Instant Software Store” & Sell 9x Software That Made Me $400k… In 60 Seconds! EITHER Sell on our Self-Hosted INSTANT Store, or Sell On Your Own Domain with our CUSTOM WordPress Theme. YOUR Choice!
Expand your store – with the new Resell DB Software!
Resell DB contains thousands of hot products – that we can easily license & resell… With 1,100 software tools, 100 WordPress plugins, 3,000 master resell rights, 600 PLR products...
Get traffic from 3,000 websites – with “Traffic DB”software!
Now our web store is live, so it’s time to get traffic and make money. And that’s where my Traffic DB software comes in!
Traffic DB contains thousands of Internet marketing websites we can get traffic from…
Each website is broken down by niche, age, amount of traffic and number of backlinks… Plus, we’ve scanned each site for 8 exclusive traffic opportunities: Adverts & Adsense that we can run ads on… Email lists we can promote to.. Facebook campaigns we can target… and much more!
Create Instant Sales Videos – For ANY Product… In 60 Seconds!
So our website is live & we’re getting traffic. But, to really maximise our profits, we need VIDEO. And the easiest way is with my Rapid Video Creator software! Rapid Video is THE fastest way to make sales videos in just a few clicks.It’s the fastest way to create sales videos for the thousands
“1 Click Voice Over Turns Your Scripts into REAL Human Voices with Google AI WaveNet Technology!!!”

Now we’ve included a SIXTH and incredibly powerful tool – which lets you turn any text (up to 5,000 characters in length) into an instant voice over. Simply import your script and choose from 6 voices (US Male, US Female, UK Male, Australian Male)… then click to create your voice over… wait 5-20 seconds… and download your voice as an MP3!

You can import these voice overs into Rapid Video to create instant videos with voices in seconds… and YES! You can use these voices to create videos for the products you add to your Instant Software Software… or indeed ANYTHING you want!
For the first time in history, unlimited REAL human voices are just a click away!!
1 Click Voice Over is Software #6 inside RESELL BOTS suite… but will not be here forever (you won’t see this mentioned in the video!)
So ACT NOW while we are including this tool inside the already insane suite!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Affiliate Resell Bots Review:- Who can be Benefited from this amazing software.

If you are in any online business, you can be benefited from Affiliate resell Bots as these can help you start your own software selling business along with your own list building which can help you in long term business growth. You can Integrate your own payment gateway to collect payment and own autoresponder for email integration. The Following Business Owner can Be Benefited from Affiliate Resell Bots

Affiliate Marketers
Website Owners
Internet Marketers
List Builders
Digital Products
Video Lovers
eCom + Amazon
Social Media

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Affiliate Resell Bots Review:- Best Bonuses for Affiliate Resell Bots

You, Will, get 9 pre-loaded Software which you would be able to the sale as your own product when you purchase Affiliate Resell Bots. To make your purchase even sweeter, we will provide you another 19 Softwares, Info Products and WordPress Plugin with full White Labell and Resell rights, sales pages, sales videos, promo graphics, download pages and thank you pages so that you can easily add them into your software store and profit from day1. Check out below to find out what are these Bonuses and how they can Benefit you. To get all of them completely free of cost, you need to purchase Affiliate Resell Bots from any of the link in this page and then send your receipt to NKRACADEMYWB@GMAIL.COM. Once we receive your email, we will send you all these software with their resell rights and download link.

  1. WP Scarcity Jeet (White Label)
  2. Pin Matrix Pro (White Label)
  3. Click Maximizer (White Label)
  4. Rule Reddit (White Label)
  5. Reddit Traffic Love Video Course (White Label)
  6. Affiliate Cash Monster (White Label)
  7. Content Maximizer (White Label)
  8. Epic Countdown (White Label)
  9. WP AmzStore (White Label)
  10. WP Copysites Software (White Label)
  11. Review Me (White Label)
  12. Tube Reaper Jeet (Resell Rights)
  13. SEO Harvester Jeet (Resell Rights)
  14. Keywords Jeet Goldmine (Resell Rights)
  15. List Mail Jeet (Resell Rights)
  16. Underground eCom Traffic Blueprint (Resell Rights)
  17. Weekend eCommerce Guru (Resell Rights)
  18. FB Traffic Stampede (Resell Rights)
  19. Photo Contest App (Resell Rights)

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Affiliate Resell Bots - Software Reseller Package with 9 best selling JVZoo Software


Product Features and Flexibility


Price Competitiveness and Value For Money


Support and Training


Reliability, Customer Experience and Customer Service


Adaptability and Future Updates



  • 6 in 1 Cloud based Software for starting your own software selling business
  • easily integrates with your autoresponder for email captures and payment gateways for payment processing
  • everything is hosted on cloud and hence compatible with both windows and mac. Built in wordpress theme allow you to host software store on your own domain.
  • Built in Traffic with Traffic DB containing 3000 websites for driving traffic with built in 1 click sales video creator
  • Built in Software Resell DB Containing more than 10K softwares with resell rights which you can set up to extend your Software Store

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