AI Affiliate Bots Review, Demo and Best Bonuses

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AI Affiliate Bots Review:- What is AI Affiliate Bots and why you should be excited about it?

AI Affiliate Bots are 6 In 1 Software Suite which helps you to produce blog reviews, video reviews and amazon affiliate websites across 100 different niches with over 250 million Amazon Affiliate Products. So, Basically, these are Suite Of Softwares which helps you drive traffic to your Amazon Affiliate Product reviews using the powers of YouTube and Google. It Also Helps You to create Blog Reviews and Videos Reviews for Amazon Affiliate Products in No time. In Summary, AI Affiliate Bots Help you with the following

  • NEW 6-in-1 Software: Cloud-based & Done For You
  • Make money with YouTube & Amazon – with NEW “AI”
  • Promote 100 Niches & 256 million Amazon products
  • Create REAL human voices + videos with “Google AI”
  • Create unlimited UNIQUE articles with “AI Spinner”
  • Build eCommerce websites in seconds with WordPress
  • Get FREE Google & YouTube Traffic – “AI” keywords
  • Get unlimited buyer traffic, leads, sales & commissions

AI Affiliate Bots Review:- Check Out The Sales Page and Live Product Demo

AI Affiliate Bots Review:- How AI Affiliate Bots Helps You to Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales for your Amazon Affiliate Products.

AI Affiliate Bots Review

In July 2019: YouTube = Unlimited Buyer Traffic + Amazon = Unlimited Affiliate Commissions… And Deploy Our NEW “AI” Tech? It’s GAME-OVER!
  • YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine – with over 3 billion searches a month.
  • Many of these searches are for the EXACT products we can promote on Amazon…
  • Using a unique “drag and drop” loophole I’m about to show you…
  • We can get FREE YouTube traffic for ANY of these eCOM BUYER keywords…
  • Which lets us earn affiliate commissions – from 250 million Amazon products!
The DONE FOR YOU YouTube Loophole – To UNLIMITED FREE BUYER TRAFFIC From YouTube & Google
But what if there was a solution that could do EVERYTHING for you?
  • So that finding the top eCom niches was DONE FOR YOU
  • Discovering profitable Amazon products was DONE FOR YOU
  • Writing unique “product review” articles was DONE FOR YOU DONE FOR YOU
  • Building eCom websites (with content) was  DONE FOR YOU
  • Recording “real” voice overs was  DONE FOR YOU
  • Creating HD videos (with images + slides) was DONE FOR YOU
  • Finding the best buyer keywords was DONE FOR YOU
  • Getting “buyer” traffic from YouTube & Google was DONE FOR YOU
  • Generating affiliate commissions with Amazon was DONE FOR YOU
That is Where AI Affiliate Bots Comes in. With 6 in 1 Software Suite, it has got you covered in every aspect of Amazon Product Research(100 Niches and 250 Million E-Com Products), Blog Reviews with built-in WordPress E-Com theme to create amazon product reviews in no time, video creation software to create review videos with slide shows, animations and real-life voice overs with Google Wave Net Technologies and Finally, Keyword Research to provide you list of high volume low competition keywords to rank you blogs and videos to drive traffic, leads and sales.

AI Affiliate Bots Review:- Step-By-Step Guide and Product Demo

Here, I will Guide You how you can use the 6 in 1 Software Suite which comes loaded with AI Affiliate Bots to Create Blogs Reviews and Video Reviews for Amazon Affiliate E-Com Products and then drive Traffic, Leads and sales to Your Amazon Affiliate E-Com Product Reviews using the power of AI Affiliate Bots, Google, and YouTube.


  • Step1:- Select Your Niche:-

    First, I choose from 100 Done For You Amazon niches…

    All of these niches have millions of searches, and huge affiliate commissions.

    And they’re all pre-loaded into my AI Niches software!
    So simply choose your niche and move onto the next step…
  • Step2:- Select The Products to Promote from 250 million products

    Now, we need to choose some affiliate programs to promote.
    And we do this automatically with my AI Affiliate tool..
    Simply load the software… drag-and-drop a few products into the builder...
    And the software spins this into a complete “product review” article!
    With unique text and images – all 100% done-for-you!
  • Step3:- Create The Voice-Over Scripts and load them into built-in voice-over software

    It’s Time To Create Your Voiceover – With Google AI!
    Yes, that’s right…
    AI Affiliate ALSO turns your script into a REAL human voiceover!
    How? With Google’s NEW Wavenet Text-to-voice technology!
    This AI-powered tech lets you turn any script into a real-life voiceover…
    So choose from 5 voices – male, female… American, UK, Australian…
  • Step4:- Create Review Videos With Images, Texts, Animations and Voice-Overs with Built-In Zen-Video Software

    Now Our Images, Script & Voiceover are All Done…
    So it’s time to create our video!
    And we do this with Zen Video App..
    This is THE fastest way to make Amazon product review videos...
    Simply import the “AI” campaign file we made, tweak it – hit go…
    And download your video!
    And that’s all there is to it!
    Go from Amazon niche, to professional YouTube video, in under a minute…AI changes everything in 2019!
  • Step5:- Create E-Com Affiliate Store with built-in Zen E-Commerce Store WordPress Theme

    Finally, it’s Time To Get Traffic & Make Money.
    And that means we need a website…
    To turn the traffic our YouTube videos get… into Amazon affiliate commissions. That’s why I’ll give you my custom WordPress theme – the Zen eCommerce Store theme.

    Step6:- Find High Volume, low competition keywords to drive traffic for your videos and Blog Reviews with built-in Zen ecom keyword Software.

    Finally, Target The Best Free Traffic Keywords On Google & YouTube…
    With the “eCom Keywords” APP!
    eCom Keywords is preloaded with thousands of of profitable keywords, for 100+ of the best Amazon and ecommerce niches.
    Simply choose your niche, download the list of top keywords…
    Then rank your AI videos and websites on Google & YouTube, for those exact ultra-targeted BUYER keywords!

    AI Affiliate Bots Review:- Check Out AI Affiliate Bots in Live Action

    AI Affiliate Bots Review:- Best Bonuses for AI Affiliate Bots

    You, Will, Get The Following 60 Bonuses Worth $3000 Completely Free of Cost When You Purchase AI Affiliate Bots from Any of the Link From this Page. Just Send Your Purchase Receipt to our Email and we will send you the download link for all these Softwares which you will get completely Free of Cost.

    1. WP Scarcity Jeet (White Label)
    2. Pin Matrix Pro (White Label)
    3. Click Maximizer (White Label)
    4. Rule Reddit (White Label)
    5. Reddit Traffic Love Video Course (White Label)
    6. Affiliate Cash Monster (White Label)
    7. Content Maximizer (White Label)
    8. Epic Countdown (White Label)
    9. WP AmzStore (White Label)
    10. WP Copysites Software (White Label)
    11. Review Me (White Label)
    12. Tube Reaper Jeet (Resell Rights)
    13. SEO Harvester Jeet (Resell Rights)
    14. Keywords Jeet Goldmine (Resell Rights)
    15. List Mail Jeet (Resell Rights)
    16. Underground eCom Traffic Blueprint (Resell Rights)
    17. Weekend eCommerce Guru (Resell Rights)
    18. FB Traffic Stampede (Resell Rights)
    19. Photo Contest App (Resell Rights)
    20. WP LeadGen Magic Pack
    21. WP Viral TrafficBoss
    22. WP VidTraffic Avalanche
    23. Instant Affiliate Shopping Search Engine
    24. Pre-Recorded 4 Hour Shopify Fact-Busting Webinar
    25. Social Coupon App
    26. Socio Contest App
    27. Viral Coupon App
    28. 110x Top Shopify Niches
    29. Conversion Boost
    30. Traffic Blitz
    31. Facebook Live Authority
    32. Email Timer + Software
    33. In-Content PopUp PRO Software
    34. Content Replace Plugin
    35. Instant Social Image Plugin
    36. Unique Ad Rotator Plugin
    37. WP Flexi Widget Plugin
    38. Power Offers Plugin
    39. Scheduled Widgets Plugin
    40. WP Tweet Plugin
    41. WP Buzz Machine Plugin
    42. Scarcity Tornado Plugin
    43. IMSC Notify Plugin
    44. Conversion Booster
    45. Conversion Samurai
    46. Blogging Fusion
    47. Blog Mastery
    48. Auto Support Bot Software
    49. Amazon Affiliate Profits Training
    50. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Training
    51. WP Copy Guard Software
    52. Amazon FBA Tips & Tricks
    53. WP Slideshow Master Software
    54. Easy Code PRO Software
    55. True Video Tags Software
    56. Easy Sales Blueprint Videos
    57. Instant Squeeze Page Builder
    58. Solo Ad Breakthrough
    59. Unique Exit Pop-Up Software
    60. 1000 HD Stock Image Collection

    AI Affiliate Bots Review:- Get AI Affiliate Bots Bonuses worth $3000

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AI Affiliate Bots - 6 in 1 Software Suite which helps you drive traffic, leads and sales using the power of Google, YouTube and Amazon Affiliate Program.


Product Features and Flexibility


Price Competitiveness and Value For Money


Support and Training


Reliability, Customer Experience and Customer Service


Adaptability and Future Updates



  • NEW 6-in-1 Cloud-Based App Become A Super Affiliate
  • Create real videos Get Unlimited Buyer Traffic
  • DoneForYou Website Theme DoneForYou content
  • Step By Step Training and Videos No skills or experiences needed
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • It Is a Cloud Based App. So You Need to Have a Good Internet Connection to Leverage the Software Suite.

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