Top 10 Best Selling Smart Phone Under 20K in India

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Top 10 Best Selling SmartPhone under 20K in India

In this post, we will find out top 10 best selling smartphone in India which are priced under 20K.

While finding out this list, the following points have been kept under assessment

  1. No of Copies Sold in Recent Times
  2. Features and Functionalities
  3. User Reviews
  4. Customer Feedback
  5. Post-purchase customer experience and customer support.

top 10 smart phone under 20k in Amazon India

While there are many features and functionalities in modern-day smartphones, the following features have been given more emphasis while ranking these phones as these are the key features which impacts the day to day activity of smartphones.

  1. Processor, RAM, and Memory
  2. Front and Back Camera
  3. Battery Back up and Charging Time
  4. Connectivity and Multimedia Support
  5. High-End Functionalities like Face Recognition and FingerPrint Recognition

So, As Per Our Analysys, the Top 10 Ranking smart Phones under 20K ranking Goes like this

  1. Redmi Y2 (Gold, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage)

  2. Samsung Galaxy M20 (Ocean Blue, 4+64GB)

  3. Samsung Galaxy M30 (Gradation Blue, 4+64 GB)

  4. OnePlus 7 (Mirror Grey, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

  5. Nokia 6.1 Plus (Blue, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage)


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