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If You Want To Know How To Make A Sale, Then You Must Know Why People Buy. Because, Unless Somebody Buys anything from You, Then You Are Not Going To Make A Sale Right?

So, In order to Understand Why People Buy’s Something From You, You Need to Understand the 4P’s Principle Of Marketing Which Heavily Influences the Buying Decision of any person.

These Are

Problems:- People Buy In Order To Solve Their Problems. The Problems Can Be Manyfolded like Health Problems, Income Problems, Relationship Problems, Lifestyle Related Problems. But Whenever someone buys something his or her intent is always to solve problems.

Products:- Every Product In The Market is Intended To Solve a Specific Problem Of Mankind. So, You Must Be Careful in Which Product You Want To Sale. While Choosing a Perfect Product You Must Be Careful About The Following

  • The Problem The Product Solves Should Be In Demand.
  • There Should not Be a Very Large No Of Alternative Products which Resolves The Same Problem.
  • The Product Should Have: Large No Of Success Stories To Show Case Its Effectiveness.
  • The Product Should Be Approved And Accredited By The Regulatory Authorities.
  • The Product Should Have Large No Of Social Proof.

People:- You Must Identify People Who Are Most Likely To Buy Your Products So That You Can Target Them Effectively. This Is Called Identifying Your Prospects and Creating Your Buyer Persona.

So, You Must Find Out Things Like

  • Who Could Be Your Prospective Buyer?
  • In Which Platforms they are likely to Hang Out.
  • What Is Their Age Range, Sex And Demographics?
  • What Are Their Common Interests?
  • What Are Their Common Behaviours?

So, Once You Have Answers To These Questions, you are ready with your Buyer Persona.

Placement:- The Placement part is very important in Sales. It Is The Way You Are Going To Present Your Product In Front Of Your Prospective Buyers.

It Includes Everything, The Way You Market Your Product, The Way You Design Your Sales Funnel, The Way You Design The Customer Experience And Customer Support.

How To Make A Sale – Influence The 7 Buying Decision

If You Want To Sell Anything, You Must Influence these 7 Important Factors Which Triggers The Buying Intent Amongst Your Prospective Buyers. In Order To Influence These Buying decisions, you must craft your marketing message accordingly, create effective sales pitches, layout great customer experience and establish great customer support.

  1. The Exclusivity Of The Offer:-  How Exclusive The Offer Is Determines The Buying Decision. For Example, The Rolex Watch, Mercedez Car etc they all Sale Because Of Their Exclusivity.
  2. The Scarcity And Availability:- If A Product Is Very Scare Or Less Frequently Available, That Might Trigger Impulse Purchase On Buyer. For Example, Designer Fashion Accessories By Manish Malhotra Will Often Sale On Very High Price As They Are Very Low On Availability.
  3. The Social Proof And Success Stories:-  If A Product Becomes a Social Icon Then It Triggers Buying Impulse amongst Prospective Buyers. For Example, Maruti Suzuki Cars Leverage this Facility in Indian Car Market.
  4. The Customer Experience:- How Easily You Can Achieve Your Task As a Customer Will Often Trigger Your Buying Impulse For the Product. For Example, The Private Sectors Banks Like ICICI, HDFC Pray on this principle by providing facilities like Privilege Banking, Phone Banking, Net Banking to Attract Customers.
  5. The Price And Payment Terms:- Price And Payment Terms Always Plays an important role in determining the impulse purchase decision amongst your buyers. For Example, Marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart can sell high price items quite easily as they provide lenient payment terms like Cash On Delivery, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, And EMI Facilities.
  6. Customer Support:- Any Product Which Is Having a Guarantee and Post Purchase Customer Support Will Have Much Higher Success. For Example, You Can See Dell Laptops Are Selling Very High Because They Have Customer Support Centers Across The Globe. They Also Facilitate In-Home Support.
  7. The Brand Awareness:- People Are Always Likely To Purchase Products From Brands Whom They Like And Trust. That Is Why Creating Your Brand Awareness Is So Very Important. Because Once People Starts Believing And Trusting Your Brands then it becomes so much easy for you to Connect With Them and Convey Your Marketing Message.

How To Make A Sale – Clearing All Buying Objections

Remember One Thing, Sale is Only Completed When Your Prospect Has Completed The Transaction With Your Company. So, Once Your Prospect Has Been Influenced and You have Created a Buying Impulse In Your Prospect,He Or She Will Ultimately Come To Your Sales Funnel.

A Sales Funnel Is A Place Where A Transaction Is Being made to Complete A Sale. It Can Be Your Point Of Sale Like A Brick And Morter Store Of a Mobile Phone Or It Can Be A landing Page Of Your Website Where The Customer Can Make an Online Purchase.

The Key Objective of Any Sales Funnel Is To Facilitate Sales Transaction and Clear All Buying Objections Of Your Prospects. Remember, If There Is Any Single Objection Left Unclear, Then Your Prospect May Not Complete The Transaction and the Sale Is Not Made.

Hence, The Objections Which Must Be Clarified Before Purchase

  1. Price, Payment Terms, EMIs, One Time Payment Or Recurring Payment Etc.
  2. If there Is Any Money Back Guarantee?
  3. What Is The Guarantee and How Is It Applied like Replacement or Repair. What Parts and Included and what parts are excluded from the Guarantee.
  4. The Packaging, Shipping, Installation, And Demo. How Everything Is Done Once The Purchase Is Complete.
  5. Post Purchase Customer Support. How The Customer Can Reach Support.

Whether You Are Relying On Your Offline Sales Funnel Or Online Sales Funnel, It Is Extremely Important To Clarify All These Objections So That The Conversion Is Maximized.

How To Make A Sale – Taking And Implementing Customer Feedback

This Is Extremely Important. You Must Regularly Collect Customer Feedback About Your Brands, Your Products, Your Customer Support, And Your Overall Customer Satisfaction. As Orientation Of Your Products And Services As Per The Customer Needs Are Probably Going To Be The Single Most Important Factor Which Will Determine Your Success In The Long Terms.

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