SiteGround Vs BlueHost – What Should Be Your Choice ?

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SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Why Should You Be Bothered ?

Hello Every Body. Welcome to my Blog Where I Will Try To Compare SiteGround Vs BlueHost Web Hosting Services And Give You Specific Answer On What Is Best Under What Circumstances.

Your Website Is the Actual  Store Front Of Your Online Business And Your Web Hosting Company Is The Ultimate Make Or Break Choice Which will decide the success of Your Online Business.

Your Web Hosting Will Determine the Speed, Availability, Security And Overall Success Of Your Website. Also, The Support System, Ability to back Up and Recovery Of Your Website will Largely depend on your Web Host Which Will Determine the Success Of Your Website.

It Has Been Historically Proven that SiteGround And BlueHost Are the Two Most Popular And Successful Web Hosting Company with Each Empowering More Than 2 Million Websites across the world. But, when you have to pick just one, which one should you Choose????

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this, it really depends on your situation and priorities. I will make a feature by feature comparison between each Plans Of SiteGround Vs BlueHost so that It can Help You to Make an Educated Decision as per Your Priorities.

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SiteGround Vs BlueHost – The Begining

OK, I’ll be honest… I spend waaaaay too much time making (even simple) decisions. This has been the case when deciding what camera to buy, what gym to join, or even what dessert to choose.

But when I was deciding what hosting should I go for, I took this to the next level. I spent afternoons looking at storage limits, hosting features, server locations and prices. I found two great options. But who would be the winner in siteground vs bluehost.

Almost every time I found myself asking the same question: siteground vs bluehost.

It’s not that easy to decide the hosting provider no matter even if you are a pro. I have more than 11 years’ experience in Web Designing and today I have decided to draw a comparison between the providers and share my verdict on siteground vs bluehost.

The comparison would be based on the following points:

Ease of useGreatGood Enough
Hosting featuresManyMany(Lesser in lower plans)
PricesExpensive(Cheap for 1st buy but renewal prices are high)Less Expensive(Both for 1st and renewal as well)
Server locations5Not Clearly Known
Site migrationFirst Time FreeExtra Charge(Included in Bonus from Nkracademy)
ConclusionA little expensive but when you compare with the other advantages that you get using Siteground then it becomes more than affordable. Clearly SiteGround is the Winner.Less Expensive, so a good option to start with. Recommended for Starters. Ease of use also makes it a popular choice. But if you are a pro and want speed and performance from your heavy site than SiteGround is recommended.
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SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Head To Head Battle

SiteGround shifted its entire infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform. GCP is a leading provider of cloud storage along with AWS and Azure. What this means for you is your site will be hosted on the same servers as which is used for Google’s top services like Youtube, Gmail, and itself.

This is a major update as this will ensure exceptional reliability and speed for all the websites hosted under SiteGround. This adds to the verdict in SiteGround vs Bluehost comparison.

Now lets do a SiteGround vs Bluehost Comparison on the points listed Above In The Table:

SiteGround Vs BlueHost - Head To Head Comparison

SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Popularity:-

SiteGround hosted only 500,000 websites in 2015, but now they host over 2 million websites, a four-fold increase in size over the last 3 years.

Moreover, 80% of SiteGround’s 2 million domains are sites built on WordPress, which makes them very experienced in handling a WordPress website.

On the other hand, Bluehost recorded no significant growth in the last few years. But it has more than 2 million websites hosted as well.

Verdict:- No Clear Winner Here.

SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Speed:-

Having a fast website is important for many different reasons. Why? First off, a fast website has a competitive advantage over other pages in terms of Google ranking. This means an increase in total visitors to your site.
Second, it’s a matter of user experience. If a site loads fast, visitors are more likely to engage with your content, and ultimately convert. In simple terms, a fast website can unlock all that’s good for a website.

According to Google’s latest research, 53% of people will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Verdict:- SiteGround wins this round.

SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Prices:-

Bluehost offers a lot cheaper rate than SiteGround making it a Good Choice for Entry Level Web Developers and Designers. If your Site does not have much content and much traffic than you will not experience the Speed factor on a large scale.

On the other hand SiteGround has more offerings than Bluehost in terms of hosting like automated Backups and many more. But its renewal charges are high.

Verdict:- Bluehost is the Winner.


SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Server Locations:-

SiteGround have great servers but the fact that they have 5 major data centers across the world also helps. The physical distance the data has to travel also affects overall load time. CDN has lessened the overhead but it still matters.

SiteGround’s servers are located in Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Singapore.

On the other hand, Bluehost doesn’t reveal the location of all their data centers, though some believe they have one in Mumbai, another in Shanghai, and, of course, their US locations in Provo and Orem, Utah.(these are to be believed from un confirmed sources).

SiteGround lets you change the server location of your website.
One of the most effective ways to speed up your website is to place your website’s files on a server that is located near your target audience.

Verdict:- SiteGround is the winner of this round.

SiteGround Vs BlueHost – A Head To Head Plan Comparison

Visitors Allowed/mo1000025000100000UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
Disk Space10 GB20 GB30 GB50GBUnmeteredUnmetered
Number of Websites Allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited1UnlimitedUnlimited
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited5UnlimitedUnlimited
Free Site BackupEverydayEverydayEverydayNONOEveryday
In-Built Caching SystemLevel 1 Static CacheLevel 2 Dynamic CachingLevel 3 Database Query CachingNONONO
30-Day Money-Back GuaranteeYESYESYESYESYESYES


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SiteGround Vs BlueHost – Our Special FREE Bonuses

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SiteGround Vs BlueHost – A Step By Step Video Review

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